Online games are an excellent way for ESL and EFL students to learn and review English reading, phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Kids' games offer the drill and repetition that children need to master new skills. ESL and EFL students will have fun trying to increase their scores and beat the high scores as their English improves. They can try an English vocabulary game for kids, an English puzzle game, a sorting game, and more. These free English games for kids help children learn English and practice reading and are the perfect follow-up to lessons in school, at home, or online.

Pack Them Up Pack the boxes with the correct words to fit the categories. How many boxes can you pack? Guess The Sound Listen carefully to the sounds and guess who makes every sound. Puzzle Choose a picture to match the word and reveal a hidden scene. How many scenes can you uncover? Spell for Your Life Race against the clock as you spell to beat your own score or challenge the high scores. How high can you climb? Kayak Race Practice spelling words, phrases, and sentences to advance your kayak and win the race. How fast can you go? Alphabet Balloon Pop Listen to a word and click on the letter button that shows its first sound to pop a balloon. Or, listen to a letter name and click on the matching letter button to make the balloon pop. Can you pop them all before they reach the top? Guess the Word Fill in the blanks in the right order to spell a word and reveal a hidden picture. How many can you uncover? Sorting Game Sort the words into groups based on topic or spelling pattern. Can you sort them all? Memory Game Uncover matches to score points.  Test your memory and review vocabulary and spelling.  Can you match them all? Make The Connection Build vocabulary and thinking skills on many different topics. Connect a sheep with wool, a giraffe with the savannah, and a farmer with a tractor. How many connections can you make? Catch the Fly Spell words correctly to catch as many flies as you can. Spell a word wrong and you might miss one. Beat your own score or challenge high scores. How many flies can you catch? Ice Cream Sort Sort words by spelling pattern or vowel sounds to scoop up ice cream.  If you get one wrong your boss will be angry.  How many scoops can you sort? Pairs Game Build reading and writing skills with homophones, synonyms, and antonym fun. How many can you match? Cars race Practice spelling sentences to advance your car and win the race. How fast can you drive?